Passionate Independent

Running for DC Delegate to the House of Representatives

The Position Presently Held by 15 Term Incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton

Let's fix this together.

What is the Purple New Deal?

  1. Finally win complete DC voting rights, including Senators, but without increasing the size of the Senate, which we should acknowledge, is a non-starter politically.  We do this by creating Douglass County, Maryland; DC for short.  

  2. Rebuild infrastructure, increase housing supply, create opportunities for students and individuals, create more legal immigration, identify and eliminate corrupt and wasteful programs.

  3. Transform Congress from being ineffective and overly partisan to being effective and more non-partisan. The position of the non-voting delegate from Washington, DC, our Nation's Capital, is the ideal platform from which to advocate for reform, provided the delegate is neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  I am an Independent.

To learn more about our outspokenly reformist campaign, please go to our page on Ballotpedia. 

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