Win complete DC voting rights

Our disenfranchised existence in the District of Columbia is an
injustice that runs counter to democratic ideals upon which our republic
was founded, but how are we to gain our complete rights? In 2016 I 
founded a nonprofit political  organization called Douglass County,
Maryland. Our nonprofit branded our fully enfranchised future in the
District of Columbia by way of a second retrocession. Creating
Douglass County, Maryland is with historical precedent, economically
compelling, politically advantageous, and opportunity providing for
DC Students. I have spoken at all forty ANCs in DC and I now am running
for Congress, the position of DC Delegate. Our campaign is
outspokenly nonpartisan and reformist. We look to extend the advocacy
of reform to Congress from within. In addition to a second retrocession,
we back reform like ranked-choice voting, open primaries, sensibly
drawn districts, multi-member districts, campaign finance reforms, and term limits.
We think and act outside the box. We look to work with all those who are interested in a better way of
working together. We believe in listening and providing empathy and dignity. There is no better
platform, from which, to espouse reform, than the nonvoting delegate position from the District of
Columbia, our Nation’s Capital, provided that the person in that position is nonpartisan and
collaborative. Our campaign believes that I am so qualified.