Reform our democracy 

Did you know that break-up of the thirteen-member Rules
Committee House of Representatives is always 9 to 4 for 
the majority even if the break-up of the House should be
proportionally yielding a break-up of 7 to 6 or 8 to 5?
The majority cooks the books. Similarly, in DC we have a winner
takes all and closed primary. The majority party cooks the
books. They do it in every state for one party or the other. Problem solvers are damned. Well, just like the debate about 51 st statehood without talking about retrocession, that’s over. We are here to speak truth to partisan power.

The reforms we wholeheartedly endorse and work for everyday include:
  • Open Primaries with Rank Choice Voting which yields an automatic runoff to achieve a fair majority.
  • Congressional Term Limits. This might require amending the Constitution, but so what. We did that before and now the President may only be elected twice. Why should members of Congress not have to move-on after an appropriate number of terms as well? Without term limits, they become ineffective and weighed down by the linkages to inertia. Dear Congressperson, getting re-elected is not a reason to be in Congress. It’s circular. Let’s get moving.
  •  Create Independent Redistricting Commissions to help curtail partisan gerrymandering by taking party politics and special interests out of the map-making process.
  •  Elimination of Dark Money. Political advocacy groups must be required to disclose their donors. This can be done by statute.
  •  States Converting to the District Method for the appointment of their electors in the Electoral College (see Maine and Nebraska as examples).
  • The allowance of Multi-member Districts as opposed to Single-Member districts being mandatory. Multi-member existed in the past and they incentivized Congresspersons to run more from the passionate center rather than from the myopic poles.