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Hi, I'm David

Washington, DC is our home, it’s where I was born, grew up, and raised my son, Jacob. For all of
us the District is where we work, play, thrive, drive, shop, and build our lives. My roots along Connecticut
Ave are deep and strong and they extend to the entire city, through the end-zone bleachers of RFK
Stadium to the intersection of Martin Luther King Ave and Good Hope Rd, where I owned and operated a
wholesale bakery back in the 90s. Like you, I know where the speed cameras are and I appreciate the
efforts of ANC commissioners who work tirelessly to support our neighborhoods. DC's beauty, vibrancy, strengths, and weaknesses, are our front yard and back yard.

My disappointment with the results of DC’s efforts to gain full representation boiled over when I
attended a disingenuous Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on DC
enfranchisement in September of 2015. At the hearing, Senator Carper, the only Senator on the
committee that was present, begged all the witnesses from DC if there was anything that could be
done other than for DC to become the fifty-first state. One after the other, our representatives answered
that there was nothing else that could be done. However, all of them knew about the Virginia
Retrocession in 1846-47, when the Virginia portion of the District of Columbia was returned to the state
from where it was ceded. They avoided the question or lied in their responses right in front of hundreds of
us that day. At that moment, I decided to become an activist to help change the debate and elevate the

I believe in Washingtonians and I believe in the United States of America. I believe that our
democracy and governments, Federal and City, are operating ineffectively, and in many areas,
harmfully.  I believe I can help fix that. I am running for Congress to help our democracy become more
efficient and reliable. Hyper-partisanship is killing us in DC and in the entire nation. Our dysfunction
is most pronounced in Congress. Our campaign is focused on democracy, passionate pragmatism, and leadership. We seek to be empathetic, dignified, collaborative, innovative, gutsy, principled, direct, and
kind. We will make the position of DC Delegate a pulpit of non-partisan reform. Over time our colleagues in
Congress will join us in our unencumbered way of being because it will remind them of why they ran in the
first place. If they do not, they will fester as they do now, as unproductive and disillusioned partisan scorekeepers.