"All bets are off regarding the stability of our Democratic Republic."

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss the political implications of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death for the District of Columbia and for the entire nation as well as make our opinions known regarding our paths forward.

The potential confirmation of a new justice to the Supreme Court of the United States of America prior to the start of the next session of Congress increases the likelihood for DC to become the 51st State. The confirmation would be a destabilizing action by the GOP and when combined with the likely overreaction by the Democrats, when/if they win the majority control of the Senate, it would dangerously swell our already infected political condition.

I have repeatedly advocated for DC Statehood through a second retrocession; for DC to rejoin Maryland. To this end, I created Douglass County, Maryland, which is a branding effort of our economically, historically, and politically winning path forward in DC. Douglass County, Maryland is DC Statehood too. Regardless, I admit that the chances for DC become the 51st State are greater this week than they were last week, but this potential result only exists because our leaders, it would appear, want to tear the country apart. Partisan politicians revel in their fighting as if the fight itself was the objective of their service and their reason for being.

Our campaign urges Republican members of the Senate not to confirm any Justice nominated by the President prior to the election on November 3rd. Additionally, if Joe Biden is our next President and the Democrats win at least 50 seats in the Senate, I also plead for the would-be lame-duck Senate Republicans not take a full Senate vote to confirm the nominated Justice of the current President.

We are an independent and reform-based campaign for DC Delegate, the District’s non-voting Delegate to Congress. Our campaign honors pioneering Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am available to discuss the points of this press release with any member of the media, or with any voter in the District of Columbia."

 Thank you - David Krucoff, September 22, 2020